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Airbruch Tattoo Coverage


Airbrush Body Application


Airbrush Face Application


Cosmetic Application with Fan Eyelashes


Cosmetic Application with Strip Eyelashes


Cosmetic Application


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All airbrush face and body makeup is water-based, non-pore clogging, and will not cause acne breakouts.  This water-based formula is an ultralight, long-lasting, breathable cosmetic that washes off with a gentle facial cleanser.  It is great for concealing hyperpigmentation, freckles, age spots and veins on the legs also. Tattoo Coverage airbrush makeup can conceal up to three days before wearing off.  We recommend a consultation for airbrush makeup and trial to see which formulation will enhance your beauty.


Cosmetic classes are available upon request with purchase of any cosmetic items.  Makeup artists are available to assist you with your new products and answer your application questions.

Permanent Cosmetics

permanent cosmetics.

All Permanent Tattoo Cosmetics are custom pigmented to match your skin color and undertones. Our artist has over 28 years of permanent cosmetic application experience and prides himself on quality and sanitation. The Permanent Cosmetic Artist is California Blood Bourne Pathogen Certified for Body Art, Monterey County Health Department Environment Health Bureau Licensed and a Permitted Health Department Operator Licensed. All of our color pigments are FDA-approved and made to the United States consumer safety standards. As a result, and also due to facial plastic surgery procedures, the color pigments are designed to gradually fade over a period of years. UV (sun exposure) will expedite fading and the area will require re-tattooing.


Scheduling an Appointment:

All appointments require a consultation with the aesthetician and a 50% deposit is due at the time of scheduling. A minimum of one-week advance notice of cancellation is required for changing or rescheduling your appointment and prevents loss of your deposit. The balance of your service is due on the day of your appointment. 



Upper Eye-Liner


Lower Eye-Liner


Lip Liner


All Lip Colored


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Tattoo corrections:

All corrections require a consultation to determine the price, the amount of treatments and the length of time to correct the area. Tattoo retouch is required at four weeks after your initial visit at no charge. Tattoo retouch beyond four weeks requires a consultation to view the area in question and determine the price. 



Beautiful eyes are not complete without these enhancements. Define and shape your facial features by enhancing your eyebrows and eyes by drawing more attention to the area.


Uncertain about eye makeup application?

Schedule a consultation today with one of our makeup artists to learn how to bring your eyes to life. We are licensed, trained professionals with a desire to enhance your natural beauty.

Eyebrow Waxing


Eyelash Permanent


Eyelash (Strip lashes) Application


Eyelash Extention

$145+ (per set)

Eyelash Refill


Eyelash Extend


Eyelash Clusters Application


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Sunless Airbrush Tanning:

Natural organic based spray tans are now available in light, medium and dark formulations. Choose one of the following shades:


• Light for a subtle sun-kissed glow

• Medium for a day at the beach

• Dark  for that deep intense bronze


These formulas give instant color while your true tan develops over six hours. Showering is not recommended prior to six hours for complete processing of your tan.

One coat of light, medium or dark formulation


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